Klopp insists Liverpool doesn’t need a massive rebuild

Sat 27 February 2021 | 9:23

Despite their miserable Premier League campaign, currently sixth in the table with five points off a top-four spot, the German coach believes his side doesn’t need a summer rebuilding having a full squad available.


told reporters on Friday:

“What is a rebuild? Ten out, 10 in? Changes to the [starting] XI? Which XI?!

“I don’t think it’s a time for a massive rebuild, like six or seven out, running contracts but trying to get rid of them and bring in all new faces.

“This squad, this year, didn’t have the chance to play together once, really. I think it would make sense to have a look at that!

“But on top of that yes, little readjustments will happen. Reacting to the situation but at the same time planning for the future. I’m not sure if we can do that in the summer, to be honest, but that’s what we will try.”

Asked about the challenge of securing Champions League football next season, the



“There is no lack of motivation. Difficult situations always fired me up, as opposed to the other way round.

“It’s clear that winning game after game after game is nicer, absolutely, but this is a different time, a different season for us, for plenty of reasons. We have to fight through this and we will.

“Maybe the important message is; we are still Liverpool. That’s what we feel. You are not only Liverpool when you win 20 games in a row or don’t lose a home game for ages. No, we are still Liverpool, and that’s exactly what I know, what I live, what I love, and what gives me the energy.

“I’m not only here for the big celebrations or whatever. I’m here to do the work, and if it’s necessary then the dirty work, the hard work. No problem.”


source: SportMob