Martindale looking to repay Livingston debt by winning Betfred Cup

Sat 27 February 2021 | 6:27

Livingston boss is hoping to win the Betfred Cup to repay his debt to the club.


will play against

St Johnstone

in the final at Hampden on Sunday and

David Martindale

is desperate to thank everyone at the club who gave him the chance to work in professional football by winning the final match.

Martindale’s journey of rehabilitation from a six-year prison term to top-flight manager has been well-documented in recent months and he has expressed his gratitude to all who supported him along that way and he knows exactly what it would mean to the fans, and to the community if Livingston held the trophy aloft come Sunday evening.

“It would be great for me but it’s more about the staff, the players, the community and the club,”

he said


“It’s not going to do anything for David Martindale but I’d be over the moon for the people at the club more so than myself, and the players in the changing room. I’m not really bothered too much about myself.

“I don’t really give myself the opportunity to reflect on that just now to be honest.

“But it would mean the world to my wife and my wee one, and my son. I think they would all be extremely proud of me.

“But honestly I want to lift the trophy so much for the players, the staff and directors and owners, because they have given me everything. They have allowed me to come into this club and work at a football club.

“I hope we can lift the trophy for everyone connected with the club.”

source: SportMob