Sian Massey-Ellis talks about being a female official

Fri 26 February 2021 | 12:35

Massey-Ellis has talked about her life as a football referee.

Sian Massey-Ellis

became an assistant referee in Premier League in December 2010, now she has talked about being a female referee in football.

"I think you learn to deal with it but it's about drawing that line,"

Massey-Ellis said on the Breaking Barriers series, set up by the


and hosted by Sky Sports News


"Saying something like 'you're a woman, get back to the kitchen, you shouldn't be in this game' - that for me is not okay. I think it's about drawing that line, educating and telling them that comment is not okay.

"A comment like 'you were so far out of position' - yeah, I can take that, because it's something I can improve on, but it's not okay to be personal.

"I actually built quite a lot of confidence in myself and strength of character in learning how to deal with criticism. When I was coming through as a youth I learned a way to deal with those comments and it has helped me develop as a person.

"You get abuse, but actually for the one bit of abuse in that game, you've probably got 10 positive comments as well.

"So I think sometimes it's about taking the positives out of a situation and the way I look at it is if that one person doesn't say any negative comments next week, then I've done something good."

source: SportMob