The Chinese reporter talks about the situation Milan owner deal with

Thu 25 February 2021 | 22:02

Suning have been in debt and has asked to get a loan, which has been the reason why everyone thinks that the current owners are incapable of meeting the expenses.

There have been words about selling

Inter Milan

as the owner of the club, Suning chairman, has asked to get a loan to afford the club's costs.

Yuan B

, a journalist, has talked about Suning's situation in an interview with



and said that the owner is out of money to handle the costs of the club.

He said:

“I think the rumors circulating in Italy are close to reality. Suning are running out of cash. They have no money to give, nor would the government allow it.”

Zhang Jindong

’s opinion is what matters,

” Bi answered, asked whether

Steven Zhang

, the current president of the club, wants to continue working with Inter.

He added:

“They need the money to ensure the continuity of the club. Everything will depend on the dialogues with investors.

“They can get a loan but with strict conditions, like Elliot with AC Milan. Otherwise, they will have to sell the club.

“What are the chances of them selling or deciding to stay? I cannot answer this clearly. It all depends on the dialogue with investors.

“If they can get a loan, they won’t sell the club but in any case, some investments are needed to keep the club running.”

Suning seem to be doing anything to secure enough money to keep working in Inter.

But to have this ownership going on, Suning

"have to sell their assets"

because of the debts they are already dealing with.



source: SportMob