Aberdeen boss talks about Lennon

Thu 25 February 2021 | 18:18

Derek Mclnnes has talked about his friend Neil Lennon.

Aberdeen boss has talked about


managerial change before their match on Saturday.

Derek Mclnnes

says that Celtic fans shouldn’t blame only


for the club’s situation.

“I class Neil as a friend and a colleague and we have been well-versed to playing against each other both as player and manager,”

he said.

“He is someone I have a high regard for.

“It’s really disappointing to see any manager lose his job but I know how important the Celtic job is and was to Neil.

“What has to be said is he is a very successful Celtic manager. Sometimes in the here and now, particularly in Neil’s case this season, he has been a bit of a punchbag for others and he has had to take a lot on the chin, and a lot of criticism has come his way.

“I think when you see the difference points-wise Celtic to Rangers, it’s more than a manager at fault there if people are blaming anybody.

“Time will be kind to Neil. It might not be that now because a lot of people got themselves into a real state this season, the 10-in-a-row thing comes into that, but Neil has been a very successful manager in both spells.

“In time, even people who have been heavily criticizing Neil will see the merits in what he has achieved.

“Neil’s a good manager and he will go on and show someone else he is a good manager.”

source: SportMob