Palmeri: ‘Euro2021 very likely to be played solely in England’

Thu 25 February 2021 | 17:58

Despite UEFA’s previous plans to hold the 60th Euro competition in 12 different cities of European countries, recent coronavirus fears could lead the delayed 2020 event to be held “solely in England”.

According to

BeIN Sports

correspondent, Tancredi Palmeri, the Euro 2020 competition is

“very likely”

to be held only in England considering Covid-19 overspread across Europe.

The European event, which was supposed to be held in 12 different

“host cities”

of Europe to celebrate its 60th anniversary, could now be bound to one country only.

“BOOM!Euro2021 very likely to be played solely in England as UEFA are opting for the one hosting country format and England is the one they believe being in best position to do so. Decision expected to be taken within mid-April,”

Palmeri wrote on



Since UK is currently the only country with the most vaccinated people in Europe, their chances of hosting the event has grown larger.

Also their recent

“road plan”

to help people resume their normal lives in the country while aiming to lift all coronavirus regulations by June could allow for the Euro final to be hosted at Wembley with the capacity of 90,000 fans.

Beside UK, Scotland could also host a number of the matches considering that they have already received their vaccines.

source: SportMob