Ancelotti wants to be in charge at Everton for a long time

Thu 25 February 2021 | 16:56

Carlo Ancelotti hopes to be Everton boss when club moves into new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Ancelotti's contract with Everton expires in June 2024, but he wants to still be in charge at the club for a long time.


I would like to be there when the new stadium will be opened

," said Ancelotti.

"It will be a good achievement for me, of course. I think to finish the contract in 2024 you did a good job and when you did a good job the contract will not be stopped in 2024, it will continue.

"So for sure, for the time I spent here it is almost one year I feel good so I would like to stay as long as possible."

This week has been a good one for Everton fans as, in addition to the stadium news, they have seen their team win at Anfield after 22 years, and left-back Lucas Digne has extended his contract with the club until 2025.


In the last few days, (there has been) a lot of good news and we are working to keep the good news every day,

" added the Italian.

"It was a good result, a step forward for the new stadium and Digne signed a new contract."

Everton fans are still happy with Saturday's win over Liverpool in the Merseyside derby.


They don't talk to me, they've done this (signalling a thumbs up)

," he said.

"Unfortunately we don't have chance to talk to the people. I went outside only once biking but I bike really fast so it is difficult for them to catch me."



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