Matarazzo considers giving Wamangituka a rest ahead of Schalke clash

Thu 25 February 2021 | 16:22

The Stuttgart boss admitted to the winger’s need of rest ahead of their match against Schalke.



manager, Pellegrino Matarazzo, believes

Silas Wamangituka

could use some rest ahead of their upcoming clash with



"He's a player who thrives on his mental originality,"

said Matarazzo.

"I talk to him, ask how he's playing, and pay attention to his body language. We'll see when the next possibility arises to give him a break."

Though the chances of Wamangituka’s absence against Schalke will be little considering that his substitute,

Tanguy Coulibaly

, alongside

Nicolas Gonzalez

are dealing with their injuries and

Erik Thommy

has been ruled out, he could still get the opportunity to take some time off the pitch in the near future.

Nassim Boujellab

will also miss the chance to join Schalke as he deals with his ankle and knee discomfort.

"[Schalke] is hard to gauge because they're banged up. They're better in terms of individual quality than their position in the table indicates,"

Matarazzo added.

source: SportMob