"Joao gave a great ball" - Bernardo admires "amazing player" Cancelo

Thu 25 February 2021 | 11:59

The Manchester City midfielder, Bernardo Silva was surprised by the accuracy of his teammate Joao Cancelo's first-half diagonal cross, which granted him a chance to score against Borussia Monchengladbach.


, as one of the shortest players on the field, doesn't usually net these kinds of goals, which proves the quality of Cancelo's delivery.



knew it after the 2-0 Champions League triumph, hailing Cancelo as "an amazing player" with whom he shares a "good connection" from their developmental years together at Benfica.

"Usually I'm not [so good with my head],"



interviewed with

BT Sport


"I try to practice a lot. I think tonight I was lucky Joao [Cancelo] gave me a great ball.

"He's an amazing player. I played with him seven years at Benfica, we're the same generation. We have a good connection. He knows my timing and I know how good he is on these balls."

"We need to keep going because we're only halfway through,"

he announced. 

"We have a map, a way of playing. Players get injured or cannot play and our style doesn't change.

"It was a good game for us, a good win. In this competition you can make a mistake and you're out. We tried to play simple football and not make mistakes. It's not finished yet but it's a good win."



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