Gerrard is not surprised by Lennon’s departure

Wed 24 February 2021 | 19:13

Steven Gerrard has talked about Neil Lennon’s resignation.

Neil Lennon

has resigned from his job as Celtic’s head coach, and now

Steven Gerrard

has talked about the matter, saying that he is not surprised by Lennon’s departure.

Gerrard said:

"I can't say I'm surprised because of obviously what's been going on over there.

"But I take no personal satisfaction from seeing that news [happen] to Neil or any other fellow manager that happens to. So I wish him well for the future.

"I only really found out about it this morning but obviously the focus for me is on the game tomorrow."

Brendan Rodgers has also talked about the matter, suggesting John Kennedy as a possible option to replace Lennon:

"First in terms of Neil, I am obviously saddened when any manager loses his job or moves on, in particular someone I can call a friend, so it's a tough day for him,

"But when it all settles down, Neil is an incredible legend of the club, he has given so much service to the club, won so many titles and like I say, his legacy there will be intact forever.

"In terms of John, when myself and my staff went in there, John was someone I didn't know but I heard good things about him.

"He knows the temperature of Celtic which is important. He has been through all the levels as a scout, a coach, progressed through to the first team and in my time there he was an absolutely brilliant first-team coach for me.

"He has great knowledge of the game, very loyal, very supportive, very hard working.

"He knows the demands of the club and obviously with Neil moving on he is a great pair of hands to go in there and just stabilize the players, the club and I am pretty sure he will do a fantastic job in the period he is in there."

source: SportMob
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