Mourinho is satisfied with Gareth Bale’s performance

Tuesday23 February 2021 | 18:26
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Tottenham boss says that Gareth Bale has nothing to prove.




says that


lack of playing time is because of his fitness problems and that he has full trust in his 31-year-old winger.

“He doesn’t need to convince me of anything. I am totally convinced about everything,"

Mourinho said.

"It’s not about convincing me, it’s about being ready to play the minutes we all would love him to play.

“It’s a process. You feel that in matches in the last couple of years. It’s the process. We want him of course to be ready to play every minute of every game.

“He is a player with special qualities, you could see against West Ham in the second 45 minutes the positive impact in the quality of the game. He had a cross, he had a couple of assists, he hit the crossbar.

“He is doing that better and better, but he is not playing 90 minutes, he is not playing every game. We have to manage his evolution, but he has nothing at all to convince me about.”

Gareth Bale joined Tottenham after a really bad season at Real Madrid, hoping to get back his impressive form, but he has been struggling since his arrival, and he hasn’t shown what he was expected to show.

source: SportMob