Everton permitted to plan for a new stadium

Tuesday23 February 2021 | 16:45
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Everton's new stadium will potentially open in 2024.

Liverpool City Council

today formally approved the planning applications for a new stadium and it looks like the Merseyside Blues will say goodbye to

Goodison Park

in the coming years.

The plan has been submitted to higher authorities following the approval of Liverpool City Council, and


hope to start construction on the stadium by spring or summer, after receiving the necessary permits.

The new stadium will allow Everton to generate more revenue as it has the potential to accommodate close to 62,000 spectators.

Of course, the exact amount of its capacity is said to be 52,888. It also looks like the stadium will be operational by 2024.

Everton also plan to renovate the current stadium, Goodison Park, and implement projects such as housing, multi-purpose health centers, recreational spaces and business facilities.



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source: SportMob