Socceroos striker slams VAR

Tuesday23 February 2021 | 11:29
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Jamie Maclaren believes video assistant referee is killing the game.

Since VAR was introduced to the world football, it has been the subject of many controversies.

Some believe that it is beneficial to the game and the teams, and some claim that it is killing the spirit of the game.

In this regard, Socceroos striker

Jamie Maclaren

has spoken about VAR.

“We as players, if we don’t perform to our best, we get told about it,”

Maclaren said.

“We wake up the next morning and it’s in the papers, but the referees, they get away with it.

“They finish the game and they can just hop in their car and drive home without explaining their decisions.

“Something’s got to change because I’m getting messages from guys in the UK who are watching the A-League saying ‘I’ve turned my TV off because it’s embarrassing’ ... I can only imagine how bad it is for people at home and our fans.

“We want to grow this game but it’s killing our game.”



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source: SportMob