Muller stayed in bathroom instead of training! - Sikorski

Tuesday23 February 2021 | 10:58
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The former Bayern player recounted an interesting memory of Thomas Muller.

Daniel Sikorski claimed that Thomas Müller was so Allergic to spicy food that he was forced to miss one of the training sessions.

The Polish striker, who now plays for Guijuello in Spain, spent some time in


. He never played in the first team, but he was in training and traveled with the team several times. In 2009, he traveled to India with Thomas Müller. Müller once ate spicy food in India, which made his body Allergic, and he was even absent from one of the team's training sessions.

Sikorski told



“We stayed in a hotel near the Himalayas that had no mattresses. Instead we slept on boards. The showers were buckets of water and for dinner there were chips and coke from what felt like 1953. 

“When we got a real meal somewhere else, Thomas almost poisoned himself. Our food said "not spicy", but it was just non-stop spicy! Thomas didn't get on with that. 

“The next day he just went to the bathroom instead of training."

source: SportMob