Hodgson: The game's about scoring goals and not letting any in

Tuesday23 February 2021 | 10:40
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Crystal Palace boss talks about the late victory over Brighton.

Crystal Palace

struggled to win last night against


, especially as the hosts had 25 on-target shots.

However at the end, Crystal Palace managed to defeat the opponent with a goal from

Christian Benteke

in the 95



Crystal Palace boss,

Roy Hodgson

talked about his team’s performance after the match.

"The game's not about touches in the opposition box, is it? The game's about scoring goals and not letting any in,"

Hodgson said.

"I thought we worked unbelievably hard to try and make certain we didn't let any goals in.

"I thought we worked so very hard to stop them getting many chances and tonight we were fortunate that the couple of chances we did create - and they were both very good goals - we took.

"The statistic that counts at the end of the day is goals against and goals for.

"Okay, they had the better of possession, that's for sure, they had the ball in our box more often, they had more quality but I'm not going to apologize for coming away with what we consider to be a very good victory."



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