Robertson: I think people are sitting at home a bit bored

Tuesday23 February 2021 | 7:36
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Andy Robertson answers to the fight rumor spread about Alisson Becker and him.

"We just need to block all out"


Andy Robertson

, who had been the target of rumors that say he and

Alisson Becker

were involved in a fight in the dressing room followed by


's defeat against

Leicester City


Such rumors about the club have been spreading widely as there also have been words on

Jurgen Klopp

being set to quit Liverpool.

Robertson jokes about the rumors and rules them out. He told Sky Sport:

“I don't look like the boxing type, do I? The least [likely] two people to fight in the dressing room are myself and Ali; I think people are sitting at home a bit bored.

"Obviously somebody made up a rumour that the gaffer didn't come home, whereas me and Ali were fighting.

“I love how I was the one who ended up with the burst lip. I would rather it was the other way about but beggars can't be choosers!

"The stuff that was getting written was a lot of nonsense. For the players and everyone in the training ground, we just need to block all that out."




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