Inzaghi knows how dangerous Bayern is

Monday22 February 2021 | 18:08
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Lazio boss has talked about facing Bayern Munich in UCL.


is going to play against Bayern Munich in a home match in the Champions League, and their boss says that they know how good Bayern Munich is, but he insists that Lazio’s players are going to show their best performance.

"It’s beautiful, it’s the culmination of five years of work together with a wonderful group,”


said at a press conference


“We’ll try to play the game with the right carefree attitude and the usual humility,

“Bayern just became World Champion, they picked up a draw and a defeat in their last two games, but after five straight wins.

"For a long time we knew we had to live a similar night. We’ve been thinking about it since yesterday. This game is the icing on the cake for the job we’ve done and I’m working on the strengths of Lazio rather than on Bayern’s weaknesses.

“We will try to do the best we have always done.

"We want to remain in race in all ways. We know they are almost unplayable, but it happened to do well in the past, despite not being the favorites.

“We are mature, we have played many finals and the quarter finals of Europa League last season.”

And about the battle between Immobile and Lewandowski he added:

“They are two great strikers. Immobile has won the Golden Boot and that’s something that makes us proud. Lewandowski would have won the Ballon d’Or…”

source: SportMob