Flick ahead of Lazio game: ‘Klose knows Simone Inzaghi well’

Monday22 February 2021 | 17:06
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Bayern Munich manager Hans-Dieter Flick believes his assistant Miroslav Klose can be the helping hand for his side against Lazio as he used to play there and he knows Simone Inzaghi well.


will host

Bayern Munich

at the Stadio Olimpico in the first leg of the Champions League last 16.

"We still have in mind their games against Borussia Dortmund, they played very well.

“Miro [Klose] can always help us, not only against Lazio, but also because he always has good ideas.

“He played with some of their players and knows Simone Inzaghi well,”

the Bavarians’ coach added


Bayern lost the last two games against



Arminia Bielefeld


"I’m not one to make excuses. The games against Frankfurt and Bielefeld did not go well.

“Now we have to be at the top in the Champions League. These are special games for us and I expect the team to be particularly motivated.

“We are aware of what’s happened in the last few days. I want Bayern to show what we can do from the start and I am convinced that the team will show it tomorrow.

source: SportMob