Tuchel has talked about his interest in Suarez

Monday22 February 2021 | 16:01
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Chelsea boss has explained his interest in Atletico Madrid’s Suarez.


boss showed interest in

Luis Suarez

when he was at PSG, but the transfer was never completed. Now he has talked about the Uruguayan striker once again, saying that he is a natural striker.


told reporters when asked about his previous interest in Suarez:

“It was a possibility. We heard the rumors he was about to leave Barcelona, and who cannot be interested in signing one of the best strikers in world football history and the present?

“We tried our luck, we did not make it. He decided to stay in Spain, move to Atletico, and has proven his quality.

“He is a natural striker, a born striker, and has the certain mentality that only strikers have. This mentality is to show his will, intensity and anger to score, score and score. He is never satisfied.

“So what a mentality, what a player. I'm not involved in his history with Chelsea and to me it's never good to look too far in the past. We only look forward.

“We play him tomorrow with Atletico and we know about his qualities. We are aware of them and will try to stop him from scoring


Suarez is already familiar with the Premier League, having played in Liverpool before coming to Spain, and we have to wait and see what will happen after his time at Madrid.

source: SportMob