Luis says it’s hard to play for Simeone

Mon 22 February 2021 | 10:49

Filipe Luis has talked about Atletico Madrid boss.

Atletico Madrid

has been the leading team in the La Liga table this season so far. Many pundits suggest

Diego Simeone

as the main reason for the club’s success in competing with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The club’s former star,

Filipe Luis

, has talked about Simeone, claiming that it is not easy to play for him at all.

Filipe Luis told

the Daily Mail


“Take my word for it, it’s not easy to play for Simeone. He has no heart. He never says to himself: ‘Oh, what a pity, poor little player, I need to do this or that’. No. He will decide what he has to decide solely in order to win.

“When he took over in 2011 the team was four points off relegation and he made them Europa League winners the same season. He turned them into the monstrous side they are now. That success has one name: Diego Simone.

“About 120 players have been though the club since he arrived. Some came as stars and didn’t play, others arrived with no credibility and became stars.

“It’s an enormous achievement. He doesn’t waste time, ever. He’ll never do a ‘ah, let’s have fun today’ session.

“I was a full-back lacking confidence in December when he arrived and the best left-back in the world by January. He’s the only person who has managed to get that from me.”

source: SportMob