“We need to use these ball wins from N'Golo” - Tuchel

Mon 22 February 2021 | 9:09

The Blues boss believes the squad is wasting N’Golo Kante’s attacking influence.




Thomas Tuchel

has mentioned their 1-1 tie with


to repeat what he desires from his squad after not winning for the first time in the last six games.

The France international

Tammy Abraham

climbed off the bench but didn’t have any impact on the results.

Chelsea’s goal was a production of a defensive mistake when

Mason Mount

stepped up and delivered the penalty he was gifted. Tuchel was particularly troubled about the attack and how the France international

N'Golo Kante

’s attacking ability is being taken for granted by his team-mates.


I have known N'Golo Kante for years and now I am a lucky coach who has him as a player,

" Tuchel said. "

He steals every ball that is around 10 metres near him



Even then, we need to use these ball wins from N'Golo and use them better to attack the space behind the last line better. We need to use our speed better to create more chances. There are a lot of possibilities in the last matches.

"We need to understand and it is a process that we may need the last few links to gain the confidence to create and score more. Because it is also not enough to score from just half chances."

On what Tuchel believes went wrong, he added: "

I had a feeling in the first half that we can end the game before it starts for Southampton but I didn't think we were aggressive or determined enough to win the decisive one-on-ones to make a decision, take it quickly and do it 100%.


We were always doubtful. Do I pass? Do I shoot? Do I cross? Where do I cross? Where do we attack? We have to improve there and I was frustrated because I saw a good game with high pressing, a lot of acceleration, opening a lot of good space and I am not frustrated with tactics.

"I was only frustrated that we couldn't reward all this good effort we made because if we take the lead here, then we have another three points. We have to take the possibilities when they are there. We cannot let go and let go of the next chance. We have to be more clinical."

Chelsea are set to fight

Atletico Madrid

in the

Champions League

on Tuesday, before locking horns with

Manchester United



in the

Premier League


Mason Mount and

Kurt Zouma

impressed the Blues manager on Saturday.


Today I learned a lot of positive things about Kurt Zouma in his performance which was very positive,

" he continued. "

We decided it late to put him on the pitch



He had a good game. He was present and clear in his actions. He fulfilled his role at the top level, very very good. With Kurt and N'Golo, I am very happy.

"I saw [effort] all around the pitch. I saw it from Mason, N'Golo, Zouma, Azpi, Toni, Reece, Alonso and I saw it from all of them. All of the guys, you can't play less than 100% in the Premier League. It is not possible or to our standard. Our demands on ourselves are to be 100% sharp.

"Maybe I was unfair but it was my feeling on the sideline that Hudson-Odoi wasn't sharp enough. He played close to me [on my side of the pitch]. I did not feel that he is really into this game like everybody else. I took a hard decision but it was for today and the game.

"It is now over and I trust him a lot. He played some very very good games also mentally with the effort since I started. He played two not so good games when he comes on from the bench so let's improve together."

source: SportMob
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