Moratti: “Really Saddened With The Passing Of Mauro Bellugi"

Sunday21 February 2021 | 23:18
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Former Inter president, Massimo Moratti recalled ex-Inter defender, Mauro Bellugi, who passed away earlier today at the age of 71 due to ill health.

Moratti spoke with Italian news outlet




“I feel great sorrow, he was a fighter.

“With his character, he had managed to overcome something as difficult as the amputation of his legs. He seemed to have come out of the problem. We are really saddened and sorry.

“I was there for him, but he kept everyone’s spirits up in a really fantastic way. Nobody expected him to fall into a situation like this.

“He was a close family friend, we experienced his cheerfulness together on holiday. He was always cheerful and outgoing. He didn’t have the tone of a champion, but he was one.”

The Italian businessman, who sold the Milanese team in 2013, talked about Bellugi in an interview with Italian broadcaster, Sky Sports Italia earlier today.

“A wonderful person, who no one will forget. We loved him, he had a nice character. I remember that before going to the World Cup in Argentina, he came to Imbersago and played a bit of football with us.”

At last, Moratti spoke of tomorrow’s Milanese derby against the Inter.

“As a fan, it is difficult to say anything and I prefer not to get involved, but if it goes well tomorrow the road will be downhill.”

The Italian had no other option but to have his legs removed in December of last year, because of complications resulting from his infection and Covid-19.

Tomorrow’s derby against

AC Milan

is the first time in a decade that the team at the top of the Serie A table will be playing against Milanese.



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