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Thapa: ‘East Bengal should change Danny Fox’

Sat 20 February 2021 | 12:27

Shyam Thapa has criticized the performance of foreign players at East Bengal in their 1-3 loss to ATK Mohun Bagan.

Former India international

Shyam Thapa

has criticized the performance of foreign players at

East Bengal


Danny Fox


Bright Enobakhare

after their 1-3 defeat against

ATK Mohun Bagan

on Friday, according to



"I never expected East Bengal to play so poorly in the derby. They should change Danny Fox, he is too old to play in ISL. It seems that Bright is playing an exhibition match. He doesn't think that he is playing a competitive match. Dribbling is not football. You should understand when to release the ball. He does not have a match-temperament. That's why he is playing in India even with so much quality. He should learn to play for the team,” Thapa said. 

"I don't know what the coach is saying to him. He always wants to score by beating three defenders and if possible the goalkeeper as well. Is that the attitude of a striker? I appreciate his quality but he doesn't know when to release the ball."

Fijian striker

Roy Krishna

was able to score a goal and provide two assists for his side in the Kolkata derby.

"Roy Krishna is the real striker. He is a genuine hero. He scored a classic striker's goal and assisted two. You learn from Krishna. Bright's attributes are not helping the team.”

He added: "Danny Fox is so experienced and yet he is trying to play short when Bagan is pressing so effectively. Just clear the lines when you are being closed down quickly. Subrata should also have cleared the ball long. 

"Renedy should make foreigners understand the importance of a derby. He has played so many derbies himself, he should make them understand how important a derby is. If they were playing in Kolkata, the crowd would not have spared them. Conceding three goals in a derby is too much. 3-1 is a poor result.

"Look at (Jacques) Maghoma, he is now tired and looks out of color for the past three-four matches. Steinmann also is a shadow of his former self.”

Thapa praised Bagan and believes that they deserve to be the league leaders this season.

"Mohun Bagan are playing very good. They deserve to be at the top spot. Antonio Habas understands the emotion and passion of the Kolkata crowd. He understands the importance of the match."

source: SportMob