Toni Roca: Brexit will become a problem for Real Madrid & Gareth Bale

Sat 20 February 2021 | 9:31

The Wales international has not been on good terms with Real Madrid for quite a while and another problem seems to have appeared between them out of the blue.

Gareth Bale




Real Madrid

on a loan contract and will return in the summer with Los Blancos worried about the performance he displayed in England.

Bale has featured in only two

Premier League

games this season, lacking game time.

Speculations have been raised around Bale not having a good relationship with Real Madrid manager

Zinedine Zidane

. With his contract reaching its expiration date in 2022, the Welshman believes to have no future at the Spanish club.

As UK is leaving the European Union, a new complication is put on his path regarding his future in Spain.

According to

El Espanol


Toni Roca

, director of the Sports Law Institute, said: “

Brexit will become a problem for Real Madrid and for Gareth Bale


“The agreement reached by the Spanish FA, AFE (player union) and La Liga, which was embodied in Circular No. 50 of the Spanish FA, establishes that any player from the United Kingdom who was in Spain playing before 31 December will be, this season, in that community. As of 30 June, all British people will act as non-EU members, that includes Bale.

“When his assignment at Tottenham ends and he returns, as it seems, to Real Madrid, he will occupy one of the three foreign places that La Liga allows. That in itself represents a problem, because it limits Real Madrid’s transfer options if he remains in its squad. But if Real Madrid intends to place him on the market, it will be very, very difficult to move to one of the major European leagues.

“In France, Italy or Germany, to name a few major leagues, Bale is a non-EU member. And seeing his performance and cache, it seems difficult for any big club to bet on him. Right now, the only option that seems viable in the event of a transfer is that return to the United Kingdom. Another legal alternative? Surely a contract termination, but that would also imply a very high cost. It is not easy at all.”

The Wales international has contributed to four

Champions League

and two

La Liga

titles at Real Madrid, before heading to Tottenham on a loan contract in the summer.

source: SportMob