Hodgson admits much reliance on Zaha

Sat 20 February 2021 | 4:45

Followed by the recent bad run Palace faced, Hodgson talks about the influence of Zaha on the team functioning.

Too much reliance on the Ivory Coast international has put

Crystal Palace

into a losing loop.

Wilfried Zaha

had been unable to perform for Crystal Palace as he has picked a hamstring injury which has led the Eagles into losing 18 games out of the last 20 league games and failing to score in 16 of them.

Roy Hodgson

is concerned about this situation and knows that other players are also talented enough not to turn the team into one which is paralleled without Zaha.

He considers Zaha a very influential player that has helped the team win more.

"We cannot win because the fact is these other players have a lot of talent and skill too." Hodgson said about the recent bad runs.

However, he believes that many clubs go through the same thing when they lose their top player. He mentioned Harry Kane, whose absence put the Spurs into difficult times.

But then he focused on the fact that the absence of Zaha must not affect the team's functioning.

Zaha has scored 9 times and registered two assists in 19 matches played.

He commented on the defensive misfunctioning of the team and said that the absence of some players can affect the way that the game goes on.

He also considered "chasing the game to get back in" after conceding a goal early in a match a reason why Palace have been going down lately.

He then talked about the upcoming match against


that have improved under the supervision of Graham Potter and said that the team are "Possession-based". He added:

"The problem they cause you is when they have the ball, they are not easy to get it back from as they are technically gifted.

"They defend very well and make it hard for you to score."





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