Mourinho has not lost his hopes in the PL

Fri 19 February 2021 | 20:27

Tottenham boss has talked about their position in the table and their recent performance.

Jose Mourinho

, who has been under pressure following


poor performance in the recent weeks, says that they should not lose their hopes and that everything can change.

Mourinho has told



“The same way you lose three matches and go to a bad position, the same way you win three matches and go to a much better position.

“Like it happened last season, let’s keep it going until the end and let’s see what the table will give us.

“In the end, the table always gives you what you deserve and it’s very premature to think about the definition of the table.

“People still have matches in hand, and in our case we have played already two matches against Liverpool, two matches against Chelsea, two matches against Manchester City; there are other teams who haven’t played a second game against one of the top teams.

“We have one match in hand. I know already because Southampton has to play the quarter-final of the FA Cup in the same weekend we should play - I know already we are not going to play that match.

“It’s very complicated so we have to fight and we have to wait until the last match to see what happens because anything can happen.

“We can finish top four, we can finish top six or we can finish outside top six. Anything can happen and we must make sure the best possible thing can happen.”

source: SportMob