Spezia director talks about Vincenzo Italiano

Friday19 February 2021 | 19:47
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Spezia director Mauro Meluso says that Italiano reminds him of Zeman.



Mauro Meluso

has talked about their performance and their good results against big teams like Milan and Sassuolo.

“We should forget, because wonderful things – and beating Milan is not something anyone can do, especially when they were Serie A leaders – are like the negative elements, we have to hit the reset button,”

Meluso told

Sky Sport Italia


“Our position in the table is good currently, but that can change quickly and we need to keep going with the same attitude.”

And about


rising name he added:

“It’s evident that we’ve always had good performances, even when the results didn’t go our way. That shows this coach works well, has a specific method and embraces meritocracy, so the players follow everything he says.

“Italiano is a fun guy to be around, he never complains. He has a contract for another year, everyone knows he has a release clause that was signed by the former owners before I arrived. We hope to continue with him for a long time.

“When I was a player, many years ago, I was fortunate enough to play with Zeman. Italiano does remind me of him, even if Zeman was a little more outlandish when attacking, whereas Italiano pays more attention to preventative marking. That was an alien concept to Zeman!”

source: SportMob