Zlatan is annoying in training-Theo Hernandez

Fri 19 February 2021 | 14:29

Since his move to Milan from Real Madrid, Theo Hernandez has embossed, and technical director Paolo Maldini has encouraged him to become one of the world's best full-backs.


Yes, I think so too,

" Hernandez told DAZN.

"I think that with the work I'm doing, I deserve it


"But I have to work even harder, day after day, and hope that one day the moment will come.

"I focus on myself to do the best, then people will evaluate."

Zlatan's joining Milan made the Rossoneri one of the main contenders for the title. Theo praised the Swedish man.


At the moment [we have no excuses]. We work hard every day and then we'll see how it ends,

" he added.

"Having Ibra in the team is a plus. What's impressive is his physique. He's 39, but it's amazing how physical he is on the pitch and how he helps his teammates."

But he joked Zlatan is annoying in training.


A lot,

" he laughed.

"He is on everyone's back. When we miss a pass, he tells us that we must give more


"But the truth is that he's a great person and a good companion. Sometimes he scolds us, but it's OK. It's right that he tells us what to do."

Theo went on to talk about his brother, who has 21 caps for France.

"We have an excellent relationship. We talk every day and the truth is that we are very united, brothers until death.

"We don't talk about the national team, not yet… I work hard to be able to play for the national team.

"I have to work every day and hope to be called up. I'm French. It's true that I was young when I lived in Spain, but that doesn't mean anything.

"I was born in France, my family is French and I'm French."

Theo is keen to play against Inter at the weekend. This game can largely determine which team will win the Scudetto.

"The truth is that all derbies are important here in Milan, but this will be especially important for our position.

"This is why it will be a great match."

Theo will face his former teammate at Real Madrid. Both players decided to leave Real Madrid and Hakimi joined Inter last summer.

"We were both at Real and we didn't play much. The best thing we could do was to leave, because if you don't play, you aren't happy and you don't have the opportunities you would like to have.

"Both Hakimi and I have done our best and now we are here in Milan. Achraf is an incredible player, he has a lot of talent, speed, quality, we are very similar.

"I won't tell him anything before the derby. On the pitch we are enemies, but outside we are good friends."

Hernandez expects a tough fight in the Derby Della Madonnina; however, he stressed that the Rossoneri wants to beat Inter.

"It will be a hard and intense match, but I think we will have a good game," he said. "In reality, I fear no one and my teammates aren't afraid either.

"We will play our game and fight to win."



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