Conte is part of Juventus - Former Inter defender

Thu 18 February 2021 | 15:45

Conte was appointed head coach of Inter Milan in 2019 and has had several controversial moments in the last two years. He last clashed with Bianconeri’s president Andrea Agnelli in the Coppa Italia match against Juventus.

Conte is part of Juventus and for those who played against him for Inter, like me, it’s strange to see him coaching Inter

,” Colonnese told TeleLombardia today during their Top Calcio 24 program.

“He’s done his job though and he’s giving his all.

“He was wrong in his first year to comment negatively on what the club was doing.

“Because, objectively, Inter is Inter and he has understood that now, only later.

“Now he knows what it means to be at Inter.

“I didn’t like when he was critical, because Inter must be understood, you need to understand why they’re not winning.

“Now that he understands what Inter is, I like him more.

“I’m on his side now because the reaction, the desire to rebel, shows you that the Nerazzurri colours are different colours.”

Colonnese went on to talk about the controversy that erupted at the end of the game between Juventus and Inter.

I feel like smiling because had there been all these cameras on the pitch when we played them 22 years ago, we would have certainly all been suspended

,” he laughed.

“These are unpleasant scenes.

“There is a heated rivalry and then there is also the fact that Conte left Juve, so there were some disagreements between them.

“Certainly something was unclear and what we do not know, they know for sure.”

Colonnese, who played for Inter between 1997 and 2000, believes that the current Inter do not have the real Inter identity.

For me it is missing at the whole club

,” he argued.

“Inter need people who have worn the shirt and know what it means because the Inter fans are different from all the others, and I have played in different teams.

“I played in Naples, in Rome, but the Inter fan is particular and if you lose there are still 70,000 people at the stadium.

“Only those who have played for Inter know what Inter means.

“For a long time there was no one who could help convey the passion, the sense of Inter-ism, the diversity compared to other teams.

“This sense of being pure because Inter have always won cleanly.

“Inter have suffered and when they say ‘Inter never wins’ the answer is true, it is not easy to win at Inter.

“You can see it even now and everyone is noticing it.

“At Inter it’s not easy to win, it’s not easy for many things.”



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