Carragher believes ‘Liverpool is that perfect destination’ for Mbappe

Thu 18 February 2021 | 14:16

The Reds legend insists that the Frenchman could be convinced into signing with the Premier League side despite Real Madrid links since joining Liverpool could be a stepping stone for him ahead of a career at Santiago Bernabeu.

After scoring a hat-trick in

Paris Saint-Germain

’s win over


in the Champions League competition, many including


legend, Jaime Carragher, started to question

Kylian Mbappe

’s future destination.

Carragher, who believes the

Real Madrid

linked star could be convinced into joining Liverpool before heading for a career at Santiago Bernabeu told

CBS Sport


“I’m not joking, it was based on the fact that Liverpool thought they had a decent chance of getting Mbappe when he was at Monaco. I know Jurgen Klopp had spoken to him then and I’m sure other clubs had at that time.”

“When Liverpool were in the Champions League final and won the Champions League a couple of years ago, I think anyone watching Liverpool there with Jurgen Klopp and the support of Anfield, if you’re ever going to go to a club in England before you go to Real Madrid.”

“I think he will, guaranteed, play for Real Madrid at some stage in his career but I’d always feel that maybe Liverpool is that perfect destination for a player like that before you make that next step.”

“It would be Liverpool or Manchester City because they are the two top teams you’d see in the Premier League, but there’s no doubt on social media, he’s put a couple of things out when Liverpool have been playing at home in the Champions League and it’s got us all a little bit excited.”

Mbappe had previously expressed his admirations for Liverpool after seeing their efforts to win the

Premier League

title, telling

The Mirror


“This season, Liverpool have been a machine in the Premier League. They have made winning look easy but the truth is that it is never easy. Performances like they have been having don’t just happen. To be as ruthless as they have been would come from lots of hard work in training and from having a very good manager.”

In return when the Reds boss was asked about Mbappe and

Jadon Sancho

links, he told

beIN Sports


“Look, I cannot answer those kinds of questions without creating headlines the next day, I know that's what I don't want to do. I love them all and there's a few more players out there.”

“They are all exceptional players. The players they are now because of their own attitude, because of their skills and all that stuff and I love watching them but I have no problem that I never trained one of them.”

The World Cup winner is yet to agree on a contract extension with PSG after reaching 111 goals in 153 games with the Ligue 1 side.

source: SportMob