Aulas believes Depay could still be convinced into staying with Lyon

Thu 18 February 2021 | 13:44

The Ligue 1 side’s president is still hopeful into signing a new deal with Depay despite his heavy links with a move to Barcelona.


president, Jean-Michel Aulas, believes that they can still convince

Memphis Depay

 into signing a new contract with the Ligue 1 side despite him being constantly linked with a move to



Depay’s current contract extends till the end of the 2020-21 campaign with many clubs showing interest in the player as the 27-year-old is heading to the free transfer market.

Aulas told

Le Progres


“Until the end we believe that he will renew for next season."

“Right now it is not something that is possible but why not?”

“He is a great talent, world class.”

“There are not many like him in the team. He brings solutions. I always wanted him to remain but our offers did not convince him.”

“We helped him go to FC Barcelona but financially it was not possible.”

Though Barcelona were hoping to sign the


International back in the summer of 2020, the deal was not made and with the recent ongoing financial struggles at Camp Nou a January move would have been impossible and their sole option could be seeing Depay out of contract with the French side.

source: SportMob