Wenger on Mbappe: He could have come to Arsenal for free

Thu 18 February 2021 | 11:47

The Gunners former boss rues the missed opportunity to sign the French prodigy.

Kylian Mbappe

was not introduced to the world football long ago, but the French prodigy has made such exceptional appearances and performed so well that is now being sought by Europe giants like



Real Madrid


Many thought that given


's injury and his absence in the match against



​​Mauricio Pochettino

's team would have a difficult time at the Camp Nou. However,

Paris Saint-Germain

defeated Barcelona 4-1 with a superb and flawless display.  

There is no doubt that Mbappe was the best player in the match, as he scored a hat-trick against the Blaugrana.

Arsenal former boss,

Arsene Wenger

has now talked about a missed opportunity to sign the French prodigy.

 In an interview with

beIN Sports

, he said:

"We can talk about Mbappe, I was at his home when he was undecided whether to extend his contract with Monaco.

"He could have come to Arsenal for free. I would say every club is full of histories like that.

"You go to Milan, to Manchester, Arsenal, Chelsea there are these kind of stories everywhere."

Wenger claims the Gunners also had the chance to sign the Portuguese superstar,

Cristiano Ronaldo


"He was very close to joining us.

"The bad luck for us was that Carlos Queiroz joined Man Utd and in a week he persuaded Ferguson to buy Ronaldo. He was quite a good buy at the time.

"We wanted to make the trio of Messi, Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique. They are a 1987 generation who played all together. Pique played in midfield at the time and in the end he decided to go to Man Utd, Fabregas joined us and Barcelona were clever enough to keep Messi."



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source: SportMob