Guardiola satisfied with the patience of the strikers

Thursday18 February 2021 | 0:18
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Patience in striking was the key point in winning the match against Everton as Guardiola believes.

Gaining a victory over


once more,

Pep Guardiola

thanks the players for their Patience.

The Match against Everton gave

Manchester City

a 10-point difference from

Manchester United


This match had been a "solid performance" as Guardiola claims, with the Citizens scoring once in the first half of the match and twice in the second half.

Patiency in attacking had been the key point to make another win over Everton after winning them 5 more times before.

Guardiola called the game "tough" considering the weather and Everton as a physical team. However, he was content with the players' performance.

"The guys ran like we had to do and it's three points."

Guardiola said.

"When we arrived in the final third, we wanted to attack too quickly, we needed to be patient. The second goal is an example of that.

"Sometimes it's fine, no problem, make an extra [pass], because at the end we have to try to get the players we play up front in better conditions to make the action."

He then mentioned Everton's performance against


and Manchester United, but overall, he was satisfied with the way his side blocked Everton: 

"Football is not defensive-offensive. You cannot win titles if you are not solid. It's important we concede few chances. This is the most important thing.

"We cannot forget this team scored three goals at Old Trafford, five against Tottenham, so it's a team that has ability up front to create chances. And we conceded few."



source: SportMob
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