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There aren’t many of us, but we have to be competitive-Gattuso

Wed 17 February 2021 | 18:53

Napoli have traveled to Spain to face Granada in the first leg of the Europa League Round of 32. The injury list is so extensive that Gattuso has only 12 players from the senior team for this match and will enter the field with six youth team members.

It’s an emergency situation and we know that. We are not here on vacation, but we still have what it takes to put in a great performance

,” said Gattuso in his press conference.

“Granada are an atypical Spanish side, because they play very vertical football, get straight to the point with pace in attack.

“They might lack experience, but they are tough to play against and have very precise characteristics. I think after the first five or six minutes of the game, the issue of experience evaporates.

“It’s a huge event for them and we know that it’ll be a battle. I’ve seen the way Granada take on the bigger clubs and the more technically-gifted teams. We need to counter them with character, physicality and quality, as Granada deserve respect.”

There aren’t many of us tomorrow, but we have to be competitive anyway,

” continued Gattuso.

“We can’t sit here feeling regret at those who aren’t here. We play every three days, we are among the teams in Italy who never had a full seven days to prepare for a match this season, as we progressed in the Coppa Italia and Europa League. We’re not the only ones either, so there’s no point crying about it.

“It’s not just about playing the games. The tempo of training has been completely transformed and we work only on recovery. It’s no coincidence we’ve had more muscular injuries in 2021 than any other Italian club.”



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source: SportMob