Tottenham chairman eyes Brendan Rogers if Mourinho leaves

Wed 17 February 2021 | 18:45

Brendan Rodgers may be appointed as Jose Mourinho’s replacement by Daniel Levy, Tottenham’s chairman, should the Portuguese manager get sacked.

Jose Mourinho

is undergoing an immense amount of pressure after leading four consecutive defeats out of five

Premier League



were on the right track in December, sitting on top of the table. However, their recent poor vein of form has seen them climb down the standings.

During their last 12 games, they were vanquished nine times and sit ninth on the table.


Manchester City

win in their battle against


on Wednesday, the Spurs will sit 20 points behind the current league leaders.

Mourinho’s side are also in a battle for the Champions League qualifications, being six points adrift of the top four teams.

Since firing the 53-year-old manager would cost the club £34.8m, Mourinho’s role is secured for now.

The officials, however, are keeping an eye on Mourinho and will dismiss him anyway if he fails to get to the European competition.

Brendan Rodgers

could be a potential replacement, according to Eurosport.

Daniel Levy has always been a fan of the


manager, who has earned seven trophies at Celtic.

Another target is

RB Leipzig


Julian Nagelsmann


Tottenham are set to face


in the Europa League last-32 on Thursday. They will then lock horns with

West Ham

in the Premier League on the weekend.

source: SportMob