Greenwood says players are being victims of abuse every day

Wed 17 February 2021 | 16:33

The England international Alex Greenwood believes online abuse is getting worse as players receive plenty of messages every day.

Manchester United


Lauren James

took it to Instagram to share his abuse by posting a screenshot, referring to it as “boring now” and calling out the platform to “do something”.

Many players in both genders’ games have been subjected to racial abuse on the internet, while

Mike Dean


Premier League

’s referee, has been threatened on his life after a controversial decision he made.

Alex Greenwood

revealed that many players try not to be influenced by the hate they receive on the platforms every day.


It's a conversation that happens for sure. At

Manchester City

, we spoke about Lauren James' situation [at Manchester United],

" she said.


Is there anything we can do to help her? Because she is a good friend of mine as well. It is something that is close to my heart.

"There are also individuals in our team, myself included, we read stuff on Twitter and Instagram and it's not just Manchester derbies or big games. It's on a daily basis, it's how you learn to deal with it. It doesn't affect me now as much as it would have four or five months ago.

"We have conversations about it, more on if there is anything we can do to help that person. How do we put it to one side? When it affects your daily life that is when it becomes a problem for me.

"I suppose it depends on the individual and how you react to stuff on social media. It's quite easy for me to speak about now but I have been through it myself, it is not nice to see or read. I've seen the situation with racism and the moment, the situation with death threats to referees. It's completely unacceptable."

The 27-year-old England international thinks that the matter is becoming worse, however; with the fans sometimes crossing the line.


I know that people support teams, have loyalty to clubs and that is fine - I do also. When it crosses the line and gets personal something has to be done, it is happening far too often now," she added.

"It seems like it is getting worse, not better. Opinions on performances are always welcome, there is no issue with that, it's part of the game. Not everyone is going to like how you play and who you play for. Crossing the line is unacceptable."

source: SportMob
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