Real Madrid president hold an emergency meeting on Super League plans

Wed 17 February 2021 | 14:21

Real Madrid president is set to speak with UEFA president Alexander Serferin about leading European elite football.

According to a


report, Perez is the main factor in the plans of high-level clubs in the continent to form a

Super League

separated from Europe.

Now reports claim that EUFA has reacted to such plans, with Ceferin intending to meet with Perez to persuade him of the idea and possibly the reforms that UEFA wants to make in the

Champions League


UEFA will increase the number of teams in European club competitions from 32 to 36 and design a new format which will see group stage games for each side risen from six to 10 with a greater number of meetings between the most illustrious clubs.

Real Madrid

new includes pressure from their president to compete for a breakaway to produce more budget and status.

Perez reiterated his support for Madrid in the new competition in December, the latest in his long line of support for creating a new European elite league.

Three Spanish clubs – Real Madrid,



Atletico Madrid

are among the 15 founding clubs of the competition, along with six clubs from England, three clubs from Italy, two clubs from Germany and one club from France.

As reported in

Diario AS

early last year, 16  or 18 teams are scheduled to take part in the competition, which is expected to begin in 2022 and will be funded by JP Morgan Bank.




source: SportMob