Suarez: No one will get rid of me, I'll decide when to go

Wed 17 February 2021 | 13:06

The Uruguayan striker insists that he can continue playing at the highest level for years to come.

Having left


with a €6 million deal,

Luis Suarez


Atletico Madrid

in the summer transfer window. The 34-year-old ended his six-year spell at Camp Nou and joined

Diego Simeone

's side who are favorites to win the La Liga title in the current season. Since his debut for Atletico, The Uruguayan has enjoyed a great run of form and has managed to score 16 goals in his 18 matches for the Madrid club. In an interview with


, Suarez has spoken about his current form.

"I still feel like I'm enjoying this moment that I'm in today, in football's elite," Suarez told



"Being at Atletico, you're in football's elite. Some people didn't believe that I could still be at this level. I've got the same enthusiasm.

"I hope that this year, next year and for however many years it is, I keep competing and giving my best, until you realise that you've gone as far as you can.

"But no one will get rid of me. I'll decide when I go."

Asked about Diego Simeone and his coaching style, Suarez responded:

"Each coach obviously has their own way of being, their own football philosophy. [He] is a coach who gives players a lot of confidence, he makes you give more than you thought you could,

"When it comes to preparing for matches, he corrects a lot of things. Even for me, at my age, he still corrects me and I accept it without any problem at all, because he's the coach for a reason.

"At my age, you could think that you know everything, you've done it all, but there are tactical details that you have to learn. That's what the coach is there for."

source: SportMob