Henderson: Thiago has been brilliant since he came to the club

Tue 16 February 2021 | 9:39

Liverpool captain defends the Spanish midfielder.

Thiago Alcantara




Bayern Munich

this summer. He still had a year left on his contract with Bayern and finally chose Liverpool from his offers.

The Spanish star was injured soon in the match against Everton and was out of action for more than two months. He has been able to return to the Liverpool squad over the past few weeks, but there are critics who believe that Thiago cannot play as good as he did at Bayern.

The Reds captain

Jordan Henderson

, however, believes Thiago has been a great addition to the squad.

“Thiago has been brilliant since he came to the club.”

Henderson said.

“I think everybody knows how good a player he is. He's a world-class player and he's been great to have around.

“Even off the field, he's a really good person, leads by example, gives everything and you can learn a lot from him. I think he's been a fantastic addition to the squad.

“He'll probably know Leipzig better than anyone, so I'm sure he'll be telling us one or two things to help with that. But he's settled in very well, like I knew he would.

“He's a phenomenal player and hopefully he can just keep improving each time he plays for us and getting used to the way we play as a team.”



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