Alfredo Trentalange becomes new AIA President

Sun 14 February 2021 | 18:27

The Italian Referees Association has a new president. After twelve years at the helm, Marcello Nicchi hands over leadership to Alfredo Trentalange.


was chosen as AIA President in 2009 and had won three elections since.

Alfredo Trentalange

becomes the new AIA President with 193 votes out of 329 entitled between section presidents and delegates, the general assembly of the Italian Referees Association ratified the handover from the outgoing president Marcello Nicchi, who remained at 125 votes.

Trentalange officiated 407 official games in his career, including 195 in Serie A and 11 in the Champions League.

He is a former head of the referee’s technical sector and will remain in charge until 2024.

source: SportMob