Harry Maguire talks about VAR decisions

Sun 14 February 2021 | 17:38

Manchester United’s captain is angry after their penalty was taken away.

After seeing their Penalty being taken from them by VAR’s decision against West Brom, the


are not happy with the VAR technology.

Here is what their Captain


has said about the matter in his interview with Sky Sports:

"We created a lot of chances - enough to win the game, It was tough for ourselves with the goal we conceded - for us it was a foul.

"We played the game in their half. We can do more and improve but it's disappointing. It was a tough job against a team that defends deep. In the second half we played with a great tempo.

"I was so certain it was a penalty. I don't understand why he's been sent to check it.

"I'm goalside of the defender, I feel a touch on my shoulder, he's pulling me back, and then I feel a clip on my heels as well. It was minimal, but it's a penalty, especially after the referee points to the spot you think there's no chance it's getting overturned.

"I was so confident it was going to be given, but it seems like the decisions at the moment are going against us. We can't be relying on VAR though, we huffed and puffed and have to improve."

Here is what West Brom’s boss said about the penalty scene:

"The confusing thing is Harry Maguire is offside before it," head coach Sam Allardyce told Sky Sports. "What should have been the decision is that this is offside so let's play on. I'm massively confused.

"If he gave the penalty and that was the winner then that would have been an absolute injustice."

source: SportMob