Kaka talks about FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Sun 14 February 2021 | 16:59

Brazil’s former star thinks that Qatar World Cup will give the fans a new experience.



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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

, and all of them think that the Qatar World Cup will give the fans a new experience and unite the supporters from around the world.

Qatar has also hosted the Club World Cup games, which were in a limited number of fans’ presence, and Kaka has talked about his feelings after attending a football match since the beginning of the pandemic.

“The experience was really nice because we’ve all been through a very, very tough period,”

said the former Sao Paulo, AC Milan and Real Madrid midfielder.

“To be able to come back to the stadiums and watch a tournament like this – even if it is just with a limited capacity in attendance – is a sign of hope that we are almost finished after this dark period.”

Mascherano, who also was in Qatar, has talked about the stadiums that will host the 2022 World Cup.

“It is incredible, beyond the fact that the stadiums we have seen are all spectacular, in terms of technology and comfort, this one has a different touch by maintaining the identity and the culture of the country with very particular details,”

Mascherano said.

“I think that makes it quite special, it differentiates it from the rest.”

Here is Kaka’s opinion on the World Cup in Qatar:

“It will be unique this World Cup because all the stadiums are very close, so everybody will be almost in the same location, That will be amazing because we will be able to watch two, maybe three, games in the same day in different stadiums with different atmospheres and different supporters. It will be really nice and I’m looking forward to it.”


source: SportMob