Guardiola confirms De Bruyne might return from injury next week

Sun 14 February 2021 | 12:15

The Belgian was sidelined since he picked up a hamstring injury in City's 2-0 win over Aston Villa on January 20. However, the Citizens continued to dominate by winning their seven games in all competitions in absence of their key playmaker.



filled in for the 29-year-old perfectly as the German has registered six goals and two assists in his new role.

However, while



return can boost


squad, it can give


a selection headache ahead of



league game at Everton on Wednesday.


told Sky Sports on Friday:

"The doctors told me maybe next week [week commending January 15], maybe if he [De Bruyne] can start training with the team, that is good news for us.

"He has a good recovery with injury problems, [although] it can go bad at the same time.

"I said to the doctors, himself as well, we cannot forget what happened in the second league, the Premier League that we won.

"Most of the season he was injured because of muscular [injury] and came back, and then muscular again, come back and muscular again, and I don't want to take a risk.

"I want to be sure, we want to be sure, he wants to be sure that when he comes back it is because he is completely recovered and fit."

Guardiola added when was asked how he will fit De Bruyne and Gundogan into the same midfield three:

"I will have the happy position. Hopefully he [De Bruyne] comes back soon. It will not be a problem, I promise you!"


brilliant performance in January achieved him the Premier League Player of the Month as he played a major role during


rise up the Premier League table in recent weeks.

"The highlight of January? I don't even know,"

Gundogan said.

"I think it was all month because we won all the games. It was just the run, you know the feeling that you have inside yourself that you're so strong at the moment as a team, not just yourself, that's just an amazing feeling.

"I had that feeling a few times in the season where we had 100 points, or the season after where we won one point ahead of Liverpool, or when I used to play for Borussia Dortmund.

"You have that feeling sometimes where you just feel so strong and unbeatable. That was the best moment that went all throughout the month."


told Sky Germany when he was asked if he could see out his playing career at



"I must honestly say that I can imagine that happening.

"The way they work here, not only athletically but also in all areas around it, is something I have never seen before in my career. I feel like the club is more than just the football itself [...] and it's just a nice feeling to be a part of this family."

source: SportMob