Arnold accepts that he had a poor performance against Leicester

Sat 13 February 2021 | 17:59

Liverpool’s full-back has been blamed for his poor form this season.



defeat against Leicester,


has been facing so much criticism for his performance. Even the player himself has accepted his poor form in this season.

When asked by Sky Sports if he was performing to the high standards he has set for himself, the right-back said:

"Me? No.

"There's been times this season I felt like I've been playing quite well. Recently I've been trying to get back into that rhythm I was talking about earlier from a personal point of view.

"It's been a tough reason in that respect in just trying to find that rhythm and get back into it and just letting things happen naturally. It's been quite difficult.

"But again there's no excuses. I want to try to make things happen for the team and perform as well as I can to help us win games and that's what I'm trying to do."

The Reds’ legend

Jamie Carragher

has also talked about Arnold’s performance. Here is what he told the Telegraph about Arnold and his poor form:

"We too easily forget that Trent Alexander-Arnold is only 22, Trent could do worse than share a private call with Steven Gerrard.

"I remember well how Stevie overcame a slight dip after his first initial breakthrough into the first team, guided back to his best. It happens."

source: SportMob