Chicharito: I hit rock bottom last season

Sat 13 February 2021 | 6:53

LA Galaxy star opens up about his non-football challenges during the last season.

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez


LA Galaxy



and was expected to surprise MLS with his qualities as a deadly striker. However, former

Manchester United

forward faced serious non-football issues and failed to adapt to his new club. Chicharito made 12 appearances for LA Galaxy and managed to score only two goals. In an interview with the

LA Times

, the Mexican striker has spoken about the last season and his plans for the future. 

“I touched rock bottom,

“I lived things that normally you live through [in] five, 10 years, you know what I mean? It’s not an excuse. It’s reality. And the reality is I didn’t take responsibility. I wasn’t able to handle all of that.”

“When the end of the season came, I did a very profound critique. About my life, about myself. And I just decided that I can do much, much better. In the emotional and very spiritual side, when COVID hit, it was like a perfect time to expose the things that I haven’t worked with

“I took full responsibility of what is in my hands. My body, my mind, my emotions and I want to push them beyond, I don’t even want to even say limits. Because for me that doesn’t exist.”

Around the time when Chicharito was under heavy criticism for his bad form, his grandfather died at age 88 and he was unable to attend the funeral.

“I experienced, for the first time, the death of someone very close to me,” he said. “It hit me in very different ways.”

Chicharito’s problems with his wife led to their separation and she ultimately left him with their two children.

“Of course, I miss them,”

Hernandez said of his kids.

“I will love to be with my kids, obviously.”

He added: “I’m just a human! Every famous person, it’s like you sign an invisible contract with the fame. Of course, it’s a responsibility that you’re going to take. But that’s not against being a human.

“We’re all humans, you know?”

MLS season is set to resume in April and Chicharito will be an integral part of LA Galaxy’s plans for the post-lockdown period of the season. The Los Angeles club will play under their new coach

Greg Vanney

when the competition restarts.

source: SportMob