Mourinho praises Ruben Dias

Sat 13 February 2021 | 6:32

Manchester City’s £65m signing, who chose to join the Citizens rather than the Spurs this summer, had an immediate impact on Manchester City’s defense as City boast the best defensive record in the Premier League this season.

Having conceded only 14 goals from their opening 22 matches,




has had a major part to play in



defensive improvement.

"Ruben has an incredible influence on that improvement,"


told Sky Sports.

"I'm very pleased that a very good kid, very humble, very hard working, has arrived in the Premier League and makes the impact that he has made. I'm very, very pleased with that.

"(Our defending) could be much better I can tell you. We work so hard on defensive organization. The team makes great efforts to try to be solid and consistent.

"I always say and think and feel (that) you can make mistakes but you cannot let your team-mates, supporters and everyone down with your attitude.

"For me, attitude is more important than quality because attitude is what's directly related with your personal pride as a man and as a professional. The attitude has to be untouchable, and I have to say that many of my players have been amazing in their effort."

Ahead of his side’s Saturday clash against





believes his team need to be perfect if they are to win the game.

"There is only one way to cause them damage and that's to play a perfect game,"

he said.

"If you are very good with the ball and not very good without the ball you have no chance.

"If you are very good without the ball but don't create chances, you have no chance too. So to win against Manchester City, especially the Manchester City of this moment, you have to play the perfect match or you have no chance."

source: SportMob