Replacing Diop was the right decision - Moyes

Fri 12 February 2021 | 21:47

Moyes believes that replacing Diop between the two halves was the right decision

West Ham

boss David Moyes has defended the club's medical staff following their decision to oust Issa Diop after surgery with Anthony Martial.

The Hammers defender had a head collision with Anthony Martial during the FA Cup match against Manchester United, which was followed by their defeat. He thus became the first player in the history of English football to leave the field by a concussion substitute.

Peter McCabe, the charity's chief executive, criticized the decision, claiming that there was a flawed law in the matter, but Moyes defended the team's medical staff decision.

He told reporters:

"I am not the medical man, but what I would say is our medical team chose to make a decision and take him off at half-time.

"He didn't have concussion and he doesn't have concussion, and also the tests and what these people go through to prove that have all come back clear.

"It was a big decision they took. I am sure not every head knock we have should lead to concussion or should lead to a big discussion about it.

"It's maybe because it's a little bit in fashion that everybody is bringing it to attention but, from what I have seen, the medical team have handled it very well."

source: SportMob