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"I trust my instincts" Sanchez said

Sat 13 February 2021 | 8:52

Inter striker, Alexis Sanchez believes in his "instincts and abilities", expressed his experiences with Arturo Vidal, and admitted Romelu Lukaku is "always positive and loves to learn".

The 32-year-old joined



permanently after playing on loan for 2019-20 at San Siro.

“One-on-one, having a 360-degree overview and doing things that others don’t,”

he claimed.

“I trust my instincs and my abilities.”

The ex-Barcelona, Arsenal, and Manchester United attacker remarked he

"always wanted"

to become a footballer.

“Being born in Tacopilla meant growing quickly for me right from the start,”

he insists.

“I started playing with adults early and it taught me to be strong. From an early age, I always wanted to become a professional footballer.”

His Chile teammate, Arturo Vidal moved to Inter last summer.

“Vidal and I have learned many things together, from the games with Colo Colo to the U20 World Cup,”

he added.

“Now, we are here and he has grown a lot as a person and player.”



hailed Romelu Lukaku in his comments.

“He is always positive, smiling, and he loves to learn,”

Sanchez added.

“Every day he gives his best and you can see how he develops with the coach.”



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source: SportMob