Petlak became the new owner of Spezia

Thu 11 February 2021 | 20:11

Spezia have officially announced American businessman Robert Petlak as their new owner.

Robert Petlak is an American investor who, along with his wife Laurie and three children, Amanda, Caroline and Robert Jr., bought a majority of shares from Gabriel Wolfey and are looking forward to starting a long-term project with the newly promoted



“We are happy for the acquisition of Spezia Calcio,”

the statement from the Platek family read.

Serie A

is the elite and for some time, we have been looking for an opportunity to partner with an Italian club whose mission, ethos and ethics we appreciated.

“That was the case with Spezia Calcio because the club has the same values that our family believe in. We are honored to be able to support and help them grow, aiming for success and making the loyal fans proud.”

The President of Orlean Invest Holding, Volpi, said:

“We have given the club and the city all the support we could give.

“Now we are pleased that the new investors, the Platek family, will be able to follow up on our sacrifices and efforts, further improving our mission of the club, thanks to the experience in the sector and the ability to create synergies in the attractive and complex world of football.”

Philipe Petlak is the new vice president of Spezia and has promised to  

‘carry on the tradition

’ at the club.

“We are honoured to be able to carry on the tradition of Spezia Calcio, a team that have worked hard to be able to become a part of Serie A.

“We are also happy to be able to join the Aquilotti, the fans, now and for years to come.”



source: SportMob