‘He rarely holds back’ Bennacer praises Zlatan

Thu 11 February 2021 | 13:33

Milan midfielder has spoken about the Swedish striker and his role in the Rossoneri's squad.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

is enjoying a great run of form this season as he has managed to score 14 goals in his 11 Serie A appearances for


. In addition to scoring, the Swedish midfielder has developed himself into a leader in Stefano Pioli’s team and has become a role model for the younger players in the team’s squad. In an interview with the French agency 



Ismael Bennacer

has spoken about Zlatan’s contribution to Milan’s success.

“Zlatan rarely holds back when he has to push his young Milan teammates,

“Even if we sometimes see him screaming on the pitch, it’s better than if he doesn’t say anything. Then it would mean he doesn’t care what we’re doing right now. He brings us a lot, with all the experience he has, he tries to take us to the highest level.

“He gives us a lot of advice. Ibrahimovic has become a standard bearer of a new generation of young talents.”

Asked about his team’s chances to win the Scudetto, Bennacer responded:

“If we don’t do something this year, everything we have done before, from March and onwards, will be forgotten,”

he said.

“We must, for ourselves, try to make Milan the great club it was. Also because it’s boring for the fans that we play behind closed doors.

“They are not there physically, but they follow us. We must give everything for them too.”

source: SportMob